Today we will be looking at the number 6 and 7 biggest habits that may cost you sales at craft shows, based on my survey.

The number six and seven sales loss habits: Books and Cell Phones.

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When asked 22% of respondents admitted bring a book to read while they were at a craft show. And 45% of respondents mentioned talking and texting their friends while they were at a show. Customers will try not to disturb you if you are engaged in any activity other than selling your work. When you bring a book to read, you project an air of boredom that customers do not want to be around.

When you talk and text on the phone, you are telling customers not to enter your space. You are in a private conversation, and customers take that as a hint to stay out. Also many times when we are on the phone, we make comments that others overhear. Something as innocent as, it has been a bit slow this morning, will turn a customer off from entering your booth. At one show I did, a lady beside me had her son come out to relieve her for a few minutes. During that time, he was on the phone cursing at a “Friend” (sports thing I think.) Not only did he scare off her customers, he also scared off mine. You could see them literally give her space a very wide berth. She spent the rest of the time complaining that she had no customers.

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